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The soil at Erbusco and Cazzago San Martino contains gravel, pebbles, silt, clay and limestone that confer minerality and a refreshing flavour to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

The vineyards are situated in hilly and foothill areas, where the temperature range between day and night confers an acidity and freshness, which are essential qualities of an excellent wine.


Grapes valorised and enhanced by the traditional method are brought to life in our wines.

The UVA line offers a linear expression of purity.

With REVERSO and REVERSO+ we wanted to go a step further:

REVERSO: a wine presenting an elegant texture instilled by Pinot Noir and an excellent mineral note and freshness typical of a well-worked Chardonnay.

REVERSO+: the evidence is there to see: the primary classic Franciacorta method enhances its purity with a dégorgement occurring at the table shortly before tasting. From the slow, magical ageing process at the cellars to the moment it is tasted immediately after the yeasts are expelled. For those who have the courage to avoid any kind of compromise.


Discover the Franciacorta
Stefano Parpaiola

A great passion for winemaking.

«Oenology has always been an important part of my life. At home, during my childhood I became familiar with the strong association existing between food and wine. They were magical moments that I shared with friends and relatives. They were occasions that I fully enjoyed, and precious moments of happiness that remain inside me. ».