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Grapes valorised and enhanced by the traditional method are brought to life in our wines

The soil at Erbusco and Cazzago San Martino contains gravel, pebbles, silt, clay and limestone that confer minerality and a refreshing flavour to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

The vineyards are situated in hilly and foothill areas, where the temperature range between day and night confers an acidity and freshness, which are essential qualities of an excellent wine.


To ensure excellent quality the winemaking process is slow and meticulously carried out.

After mid-August the grapes, which are harvested by hand, are taken to the winery, where they undergo soft pressing, obtaining a maximum yield of 65%.

The ‘must’ obtained from the crushing process is then placed in steel tanks. The temperature is carefully controlled and initial fermentation begins with autochthonous yeasts that ensure the integrity of the flavour and the fragrances of these wines.

After a period of at least 6 months the second phase of fermentation starts in the bottle with selected yeasts. At this point the wine is laid in stacks and aged for at least 24 months, the time required to guarantee elegant aromas and a very fine perlage. Once ageing ‘sur lies’ is completed the bottles are placed upside down at an angle on special trestles (pupitres), where the remuage (riddling) occurs.

The bottles are rotated one eighth of a full turn per day in three different, gradually increasing inclinations until the bottle is fully upturned, neck downwards.

At this point all of the deposit (lees) is collected in a small plastic cylinder (‘bidule’) and subsequently eliminated with the dégorgement process; this consists in freezing the lees now accumulated in the bottle neck so that the deposit can be expelled, driven by internal pressure at the moment the bottle is opened.

Once the dégorgement process is completed the wine is topped up with a liqueur, without added sulphites, consisting only of Chardonnay of the best vintages, aged for six months in oak casks.


A great passion for winemaking.

“Oenology has always been an important part of my life. At home, during my childhood I became familiar with the strong association existing between food and wine. They were magical moments that I shared with friends and relatives. They were occasions that I fully enjoyed, and precious moments of happiness that remain inside me.”

Over the years he has had an increasing desire to learn more about wine, to deepen his knowledge and to try new things. He began to study oenology and winemaking and to travel a lot to gain familiarity with and acquire a deeper knowledge of the land where wines are produced. From the Champagne district in France to certain parts of Sicily, he has visited splendid locations where, with old friends, every evening he has been able to meet agronomists, sommeliers, enthusiastic amateurs and people who love wine.

“After every trip my car looked like a mobile cellar; it was filled with so many cases of wine that reminded me of so many exciting moments.”

These journeys, during which he visited a lot of vineyards, endless tasting sessions, meetings with celebrities from the world of wine and so much work and study all led to a desire to create wines that would reflect his personal perceptions and ideals. The FRANCAE and UVA wines were the result of his experience.

A perfect combination of innovation and the ancient winemaking traditions comprised in the classical method.

“It’s all reflected in every glass of our sparkling wines.”

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