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The FRANCAE line fully reflects our philosophy.

The products are characterised by a special interpretation of the raw materials, which are fully respected. They are clean, clear and well-defined, linear, full of expression and with a rich palate and present a natural vinous quality.

The classic Franciacorta method used is deliberately unrelated to and freed from artificial D.O.C.G. concepts, while still respecting the same.

The primary features are safeguarded by the phases of production, which are scrupulously carried out, respecting the grapes, both in the vineyard and at the winery.


The UVA line offers a linear expression of purity.
With REVERSO we wanted to go a step further.

REVERSO – The evidence is there to see: the primary classic Franciacorta method enhances its purity with a dégorgement occurring at the table shortly before tasting. From the slow, magical ageing process at the cellars to the moment it is tasted immediately after the yeasts are expelled. For those who have the courage to avoid any kind of compromise.