FRANCAE ® wines are submitted to the sparkling process by Traditional Method,

that follows one of the longest and most complex procedure in the wine field,

it is characterized by extensive manual processing and a long aging in the bottle that,

for FRANCAE ®, lasts at least three years (36 months).

Each step is followed meticulously with the aim of creating a unique wine that will accompany you on an exciting tasting trip.


– Harvest –

The process of wine – making begins with the slightly anticipated harvest to have scents, colors better …

Pressing wine –

In the cellar, the grapes are pressed gently and gradually to extract a free – run must rich in primary aromas. The must obtained from soft pressing was HIPEROXYGENE to break down polyphenols. …

– Racking –

The must drains from the press and it is collected in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and we begin the process …



Let’s imagine that the first sparkling wine is born fortuitously when an ancestral vine farmer noticed …

Ancient history

… in the Book of Psalms of the Holy Bible, where it reads that “a cup where wine foams is supported by the hands of Javhè” … the Romans produced bullulae with two techniques …

Middle Ages

After the fall of the Roman Empire, due to the Barbaric invasions, the grapevines farming became the exclusive privilege of monasteries

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