FRANCAE® wines are produced with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

The vines are raised between 400 and 600 m above sea level.

The purity is the peculiarity that we find in all our wines and the minerality add an aromatic complexity and a great predisposition to aging.

FRANCAE® bubbles, produced exclusively with the Traditional Method, stimulate the appetite and awaken the taste buds during the aperitif and accompany with elegance and finesse the dishes of lunches and dinners making them unforgettable time.

Tondo reveals the elegance and finesse of the Pinot Noir with aromatic notes ranging from lightly spicy red fruits to mineral notes that give a fresh final.


Attention: it is important not to leave the bottles of FRANCAE ® wine exposed to high temperatures. The wine is a living product and our wine, not containing added sulphites to ensure an excellent tolerability, it is particularly sensitive to thermal changes. After transport we suggest you to rest our wines in a cool and dark place for at least 23 days.

The wine will thank you for this attention by offering you an optimal tasting quality.


To maintain the characteristics of FRANCAE ® wines we suggest you keep the bottles in the cellar or otherwise in a dark place and without direct light sources. UV rays can compromise the structure of the wine by altering the aroma.

Before serving our FRANCAE ® sparkling wine put it in the fridge 48 hours before the service in horizontal position to keep wet the cork.



100% Chardonnay – Brut –
+ 40 months on yeast
Vintage 2015

“ A crispy cloud of freshness and acidity ”


100% Pinot Noir – Pas dosé –
+ 100 months on yeast

Vintage 2010

” Complex, austere and with its subtle elegance reminds us that the luxury is something nuanced, almost evanescent“


100% Pinot Noir – Extra Brut – Rosè-
+100 months on yeast
Vintage 2009

“ A symphony of aromas and flavors make up a fresh and velvety melody ”

Dumà Vin

100% Chardonnay – Pas dosé –
+40 months on yeast
Vintage 2015

” It is a real sensory journey: its citrus bouquet comes from the sparkling Ligurian coasts that give life to a unique and temperate wind called “Marino” that passing past the Apennines until stroking the high hills of the Overseas gives us a breath of fresh purity ”


100% Pinot Noir
+150 months on yeasts
Vintage 2005

Limited Edition


” Deep, whimsical, masterful it is the quintessence of slow evolving on yeasts “



100% Chardonnay
Harvest 2018


 Satisfying for freshness and citrus verve


100% Pinot Noir – DOC –
Harvest 2018

“ Red wine with elegant balance and fine tannicity ”

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